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Unite Program

Why Unite?

To support Squadron CC/CL’s in creating recreational, team building and unit cohesive events, maximize the use of FSS facilities, measure impact and provide maximum flexibility. This program can be used to:

  • Develop a new skill or competency
  • Improve physical fitness
  • Increase esprit de corps, comradery, or moral
  • Promote interaction between unit members
  • Provide an opportunity for fun or relaxation
  • Reinforce peer, squadron, or AF corps values
  • Work on team-building exercise

The Unite program falls under the Community Services Flight for 30 FSS.

Learn More About the Unite Program Here


The Unite program is designed to support all Air Force and Space Force Active Duty, Reservist, Guard Members, and Civilians (GS and NAF) assigned to their unit. Unite funds can be used to support recreation/unit cohesion through squadron wide events and through flight or shop level events.


CY23 Allocation per person

NAF Dollars
NAF (Non appropriated) dollars are used to pay or offset Airmen cost of food and beverages. Funds for food must be paired with a team building/recreational/unit cohesive event.)

APF Dollars
APF (Appropriated) dollars are designated to pay or offset Airmen participation cost. Unite programs must have BOTH a recreational aspect and a unit-cohesive aspect.

UNITE funds CAN'T be used to augment holiday parties, no unit-cohesion events, squadron trainings and meetings, equipment purchases, or prizes.

The "C3s"

Community Cohesion Coordinator

Edwina Williams is the C3 in the 30th Force Support Squadron to serve as the focal point for planning, development, and execution of the Unite Program.

She can confirm unit funding allocation, make payments on your behalf, and assist Squadron Unite POCs to develop program events.

Types of Events

Unite events are classified into three different categories:

Ready to Execute (RTE):
FSS related events should be considered first as they are pre-approved, easy to implement and keep funds on the installation. 

Unit Developed Program (UDP):
Squadron leaders are given the discretion to create UDPs that capitalize on opportunities available in the local area. UDPs require prior approval through the Air Force Services Activity (AFSVA) and may take up to 30 days if the event takes place off-base.

Charitable work provides a cost-effective team-building activity that allows co-workers to see each other in a new light and can make a significant impact in your community. Free events do not need approval, but we still need to capture the information.

Program Ideas:

  • Squadron Fun Day
  • High Adventure ODR Programs
  • Water Sport Day
  • Mountain Bike Day
  • Squadron Picnic Day
  • ODR Paintball
  • Golf Driving Range
  • Pool Party


Unite Program

747 Nebraska Ave.
Bldg 10577, Room B107
Vandenberg SFB, CA 93437
(805) 606-8040

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday
    0800 – 1600
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Contact Edwina Williams: