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Manpower & Organization

The Manpower and Organizational Flight (30 FSS/FSM) serves as the focal point to assist Commanders with all manpower requirements, organization analysis, manpower resources, and performance management.  We provide assistance with: Manpower Change Requests (MCR), Organizational Change Requests (OCR), Management Advisory Services, Continuous Process Improvement and Innovation (CPI2), Unit Manpower Document (UMD) Management, Service Contract reviews, Air Force Manpower Determinate/Standard (AFMD/AFMS) studies and applications, Military and Civilian Position Management, and Support Agreement Base Operating Support identification. The Manpower Flight also provides management consultation to improve effectiveness, resource efficiency, and resource savings that can support all areas of the organizational structure across Vandenberg Space Force Base.

Continuous Process Improvement & Innovation (CPI²)

About CPI²

CPI² provides leaders and personnel with proven performance improvement tools to build a strong warfighter support structure. It works in improving cycle time and reliability, optimizing costs, improving safety, reducing energy consumption, and improving availability of warfighting capabilities. We must understand and apply CPI² so we, our organizations, the Air Force, Space Force, and the DoD can obtain strategic, never-ending, incremental refinement of the way we perform tasks and processes.

Implementing performance management provides an effective means for commanders to execute their “Manage Resources” and “Improve the Unit” obligations. Key principles contained in CPI² methodologies include alignment of mission and metrics at all organizational levels, redesigning processes to improve flow and reduce waste, eliminating factors that degrade product quality, identifying and overcoming process constraints or even completely redesigning processes using clean-sheet thinking.

CPI² principles and tools enable organizations to change the day-to-day operating style to integrate continuous improvement into the full spectrum of their operations. Even good processes can be made better. The improvements must be centered on the core missions that organizations are responsible for conducting—maintaining the asymmetric advantages and capabilities that we deliver in air, space, and cyberspace.
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Fundamental Skills Course
This course develops a fundamental understanding of Continuous Process Improvement and Innovation (CPI²) concepts, how Airman add value to their work, and is the foundation of their skills development journey. By discovering a fundamental understanding of waste, 5S, Visual Management, process mapping and other fundamental skills, Airman gain a much deeper understanding of tasks, processes, and performance. These fundamental skills establish a common framework for learning tasks at a much deeper level.

More Course Information:
See the Fundamental Skills Course Info Sheet

Green Belt Training Course
The objective of the Green Belt training is to provide Air Force, Space Force, and civilian members with knowledge to innovate and improve. Training includes Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Plan Do Check Act, facilitation techniques, and practical problem solving to facilitate their CPI development and Green Belt certification.

The eLearning course fulfills the knowledge requirement for Green Belt certification within a year of completion. Green Belt trained practitioners should continue to work with certified Green Belts and Black Belts to pursue certification and mastery of continuous process improvement. The Green Belt course provides the foundation of knowledge all Airmen and Guardians need to innovate and improve every task, process, and organization across the Air Force and Space Force.

More Course Information:
View the Green Belt Course Info Sheet

How to Register:
See the Course Registration Instructions

Guidance Materials

Commander's Inspection Program (CCIP) Handbook
The CCIP Handbook is written by SAF/IGI and designed to assist Commanders and IGs as they execute the Air Force Inspection System (AFIS) and develop their own CCIP.
Read the CCIP Handbook Here

The Air Force Innovation Handbook
The Innovation Handbook is intended to provide a framework for Airmen to develop and evaluate innovative ideas, describe how to move those ideas into execution, to learn how to tap into a broader network of innovators, and, ultimately, to prepare the innovative ideas to be taken to scale. The handbook provides guidance on how to use Squadron Innovation Funds, describes how Spark Cells are built and leverage contracting pathways.
See the Air Force Innovation Handbook

USSF Space Capstone Publication
The inaugural Space Capstone Publication, Spacepower (SCP), is the capstone doctrine for the United States Space Force and represents our Service’s first articulation of an independent theory of spacepower. This publication answers why spacepower is vital for our Nation, how military spacepower is employed, who military space forces are, and what military space forces value.
View the Capstone Publication

Certifications & Templates

For any certification or template documents, please visit the AF CPI² Portal* or the Manpower Document Library.
*Note: The portal is a CAC-enabled site.


Manpower & Organization

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