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FamCamp is a great place to reduce the high cost of vacations, weekend excursions, PCS moves, TDY and leave travel. FamCamp offers 10 tent camping sites, 39 RV spaces with fresh water, 50 Amp power, and sewer hookups, and 20 short term dry camping spaces. FamCamp offers free WiFi, laundry, restrooms, lounges with cable tv, and shower facilities — open 24 hours a day for guest use.

On-Site Amenities

There are 49 spaces, each with water, power, and hookups. We also offer 20 dry camping spaces and 20 tent spaces. The FamCamp lot also offers laundry, restroom, and shower facilities.

  • 49 Full hookups sites include: 50 amps of electricity, water, and sewage hookups

  • Laundry and shower facilities
  • WiFi access in the lounge of Bldg. 5010

  • Cable TV

  • Pet friendly (2 pets max)

  • Tent camping
  • Basic picnic tables 

  • Horseshoe Area

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DoD AFFILIATION REQUIRED: Campground use restricted to patrons with installation access and MWR use eligibility in accordance with AFI 34-101.


FamCamp and Base Maps

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  • Full Hookup Sites

    Freshwater, 50 amp power, and sewer hookups:

    • Pull Through Sites, 1-20
    • Back In Spaces, 21-29
    • Back Spaces, 30-49

  • Dry Camp

    20 short-term camping spaces located across California from FamCamp main campground.

  • Tent Camping

    FamCamp offers 10 tent camping sites, located in the fenced in tenting area. The tent sites offer camper picnic tables, fire rings, and high hooks to keep your food off the tables and ground at night.
  • Lounges

    VSFB FamCamp has 2 lounges, located in BLDG 5010 and 6005

    • Pool Table and Games
    • Cable TV
    • WiFi Access
  • Laundry

    Coin-operated laundry machines located in BLDG 5010 and 6005:

    • BLDG 5010
      • 4 Washers & 4 Dryers
    • BLDG 6005
      • 2 Washers & 2 Dryers
  • Restrooms and Shower Facilities

    ADA-accessible Restrooms and Showers are available in both BLDG 5010 and 6005.

    • BLDG 5010
      • Exterior entrance with 2 showers, open 24 hours a day
    • BLDG 6005
      • Interior entrance with 1 shower, open 24 hours a day


  • Active Duty, Retirees, 100% Disabled

    Back InPull Through
    $30-35 daily$35 daily
    $195-230 weekly$230 weekly
  • Retired DoD, Civilians, Contractors

    Back In or Pull In
    $40 daily$270 weekly
  • Dry Camp & Tent Camping

    Hookups not provided. Tent Campers are NOT allowed to bring pets.

    Dry Camp & Tent Camping
    $10 nightly

FamCamp Policies

The Vandenberg Outdoor Recreation Center FamCamp Operating Instruction (OI) establishes policies, procedures, and responsibilities to standardize the operation and administration of the FamCamp. It applies to all members of the FamCamp staff, military and civilian, part-time and full-time employees or volunteers, and all patrons of the FamCamp. Compliance is mandatory.
See the FamCamp OI for more details

  • General Use

    Advance reservations are available up to 90 days prior to arrival for active duty military and 60 days for all other users. A one-night deposit will be required when a space is reserved. Payment may be made with a cashier’s check, debit card, or credit card payment. To receive a cancellation refund, patrons must notify staff 24 hours before scheduled arrival. The use of making a reservation then canceling multiple times in order to reserve a space beyond the 60-day limit is prohibited. Patrons that are found to be using this technique will have reservation privileges revoked and will be subject to space availability upon arrival.

    Payment is due in full upon check-in for all stays one week and under. Stays over one week have the option of paying weekly or monthly, but all payments must be received in advance of the reserved stay period.

    Only one recreational vehicle (RV) may be parked in each pull-through or back-in space. A tow vehicle may be parked in front of the RV, provided it does not extend into the street. All other vehicles must park in the designated areas. Storage/utility trailers, full-sized vehicle hauler trailers, etc. may be parked in the designated overflow parking area for stays less than two weeks. For stays over two weeks, these items must be stored for a fee in the ODR’s long-term storage lots.

    Parking in empty RV spaces is not permitted for any length of time, no exceptions.

    Only one vehicle allowed in parking area per site. That includes in front of RV and designated parking spaces near RV area. All other vehicles must be parked in our designated
    overflow areas.

    Parking behind RVs adjacent to Santa Barbara Street is permitted provided the vehicle does not extend into the street in any way or requires driving into the grass to prevent the vehicle from doing so.

    Smoking is allowed only in the designated area. Smoking is prohibited in all FamCamp facilities, including restrooms/showers, laundry rooms, lounges, and office areas.

    Open campfires are not permitted in the FamCamp except in the tent area using the fire rings provided. Campers may use camp stoves and barbecue grills but must ensure all fires are extinguished completely, before leaving the area.

    FamCamp residents may use the RV sewage dumping station without cost. Users must comply with posted instructions.

    Eating, cooking, smoking, and/or sleeping in the lounges is NOT permitted. Guests are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

    Tents are not allowed in pull-through or back-in areas. Tents are only allowed in the area provided for tenting. Tents that are used as an extension of micro-campers are not allowed.

    Proof of pet vaccination documentation is required. A copy of documentation must be supplied to the FamCamp staff for validation during occupancy. If the check-in time is during off duty, holiday or weekend, a copy of the documentation must be provided the next business day. Campers are only allowed 3 pets per RV. Loud or unruly pets will earn a warning for the first violation, a written notification warning for a second offense, and a third violation will result in the loss of FamCamp privileges. Aggressive or violent pets will not be tolerated. Any pet bite or attack will result in Security Forces notification and removal from the FamCamp.

    Pets must be on a leash at all times. For everyone’s safety, the leash cannot be more than 8 feet in length. Pets cannot be tied to picnic tables or left outside unattended. Shock collars and electronic fences are not allowed as a substitution for a leash. Patrons will immediately clean up after their pets and dispose of waste in the covered garbage cans or in the dumpster. Pets must remain inside the RV when owners are not present. Pets are not allowed in any FamCamp facilities such as lounge areas, meeting areas, or tent areas. Per AFI 34-101, “pets may not be left unattended in FAMCAMP for a period exceeding 2 hours.”

    Patrons may set up a temporary fence for their pets, but it cannot exceed 36 inches in height and 6 x 8 feet in length. The temporary fence must be set up within the RV site and be visible to the camper at all times.

    Storage containers/units are not authorized in the FamCamp, unless it is temporary and fits under the motor home, camping trailer, or vehicle. Storage containers cannot be bags of any kind, cardboard boxes, trash bags, or any sort of waste containers. Storage containers must be of solid construction and enclosed and sealed with lids.

  • Length of Stay

    The Vandenberg FamCamp mission is to enable active duty, retired military, DOD/NAF civilian travelers to visit the Central Coast area; it is not designed to be a permanent living park. The length-of-stay rules apply to all patrons.

    As set in AFI 34-101, section 18.26, the maximum length of stay for all hookup sites to include time in dry camp is 180 days in a calendar year. Dry camp is not intended as a long-term camping area. There is a 10 day limit at initial check-in before campers must move into the hookup areas. If space is available, these recreational camping areas may be used by personnel on temporary duty to an installation as long as that use complies with a maximum length of stay policies.

    After reaching the 180-day limit, patrons must vacate the FamCamp until the next calendar year. No advance reservations may be made to circumvent the length-of-stay policy. To prevent 360-day, consecutive stays, patrons reaching their 180-day period at the end of the calendar year must vacate the Famcamp for a minimum of 30 days prior to returning for the next 180-day period.

    Campers may not make a reservation in another sponsor's name to circumvent the 180-day period. Married individuals or persons residing together will be counted as one 180-day period and both must vacate for the required reset period. Campers may not sublet their RVs to another authorized member. Current proof of vehicle registration and plate number must be supplied at check-in.

    The maximum length of stay for the tent area is 14 days. Campers must vacate the tent area for no less than 14 days before returning to the tent sites. Campers may not exceed a total of 28 days in a 365-day period. Pets are not allowed in the tent area.

    Active duty, retirees, DOD/NAF employees are permitted to sponsor overnight guests and family members for a maximum of 14 days. If the campground is at 90 percent or less occupancy, sponsors may extend on a weekly basis up to a maximum of 60 days from the initial check-in date.
    (Please see the Sponsorship tab below for more information)

  • Sponsorship

    Active duty, retirees, DOD/NAF employees are permitted to sponsor overnight guests and family members for a maximum of 14 days. If the campground is at 90 percent or less occupancy, sponsors may extend on a weekly basis up to a maximum of 60 days from the initial check-in date. Sponsors must accompany their guests and family members at the time of check-in and must complete a sponsorship letter. The sponsor will be responsible for their conduct per AFI 34-101, AF MWR Programs and Use Eligibility.

    • Sponsors of guests will be held financially responsible for any unpaid fees and/or damages caused by their guests.

    • Sponsored guests cannot extend without the sponsor coordinating with the FamCamp staff/Outdoor Recreation Manager.

    • Only one sponsored RV or tent per sponsor is allowed. All other exceptions must be approved by the Outdoor Recreation Manager.

    • RV groups may be authorized to use the FamCamp facilities with approval from the Outdoor Recreation manager prior to check-in. Please plan ahead as space is limited.
  • Rules & Notices

    All facilities and areas in the FamCamp are used by authorized patrons and their guests at their own risk. Outdoor Recreation is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage to personal property (i.e., vehicles, trailers, equipment, etc).

    Campsites must be vacated by 1100 on the date of expiration. Campsites must be cleaned by the patron prior to departure with a minimum of all personal belongings and all trash removed.

    Hunters using the camping facilities cannot hang or dress wild game in the FamCamp area. Use of FamCamp dumpsters for wild game remains is prohibited. The Rod & Gun Club provides dumpsters for wild game remains to its members and can accommodate FamCamp patrons that wish to become members. Hunters and other patrons that bring weapons on the base must follow all firearms rules as developed by the 30 SFS. All weapons must be declared at the entry gate and 30 SFS orders followed. The latest information on base weapons policies can be obtained from the 30 SFS Law Enforcement Desk by calling 805-606-3911. No firing of weapons to include bows and arrows is allowed in or near FamCamp.

    Improper use, abuse, or willful destruction of FamCamp facilities, grounds, equipment, etc., will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the FamCamp.

    Campers must be considerate of others. Viewing inappropriate images, sounds, and video while in the lounges is unacceptable and will result in loss of lounge privileges and possibly removal from campgrounds.

    Cable TV service is available in the lounge areas. Illegal splicing of cable to campsites will be turned over to SFS for action.

    An approved helmet is required when riding roller blades, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and/or other stand-up or sit-down conveyance anywhere on Vandenberg Space Force Base. This includes all areas in the FamCamp in accordance with SLD 30I 31-204.

    All hazardous materials must be disposed of in the HAZMART.

    Dress Code: Campers and their guests must wear appropriate attire at all times while in the FamCamp. Inappropriate images or language as determined by the ODR manager/AF policy is not permitted.

    Washing, rinsing or vehicle maintenance of RVs, vehicles, or trailers is not permitted in the FamCamp.

    Patrons are responsible for their children and guests' conduct and safety. Parents/legal guardians of children left unaccompanied will be responsible for any damages incurred. Patrons will be asked to vacate FamCamp if they do not comply.

    Quiet hours are from 2200-0700. Generators must be off at 2200.

    Generators will not be operated during these hours. All generators must have a functional muffler to control noise when used during authorized hours.

    Campers checking in during quiet hours must go to the dry camp area for the night and report to the office the next day between 0800-1700 for check-in.

    The FamCamp supports the California Regulation for Smoking and Alcoholic Beverage use. Individuals must be at least 21 years of age to smoke and 21 years of age to consume any alcoholic beverage. Additionally, although legal in the state of California, Federal Law prohibits the use of marijuana on Vandenberg SFB.

    For the purposes of safety, security, and general morale of the FamCamp, Outdoor Recreation Services may contract a camp host. The camp host is authorized to occupy one R.V. site. The contract will be reviewed bi-annually by the manager. The camp host will perform contract procedures and duties to assist campers daily from 1700-2200 or as negotiated in a contract.

  • Evacuation

    There is a slight possibility that under certain SLD operations or severe weather conditions residents may have to evacuate the area. The Space Launch Delta 30 Safety Office will decide if evacuation is required. Patrons will be notified by the staff or the camp host. A Memorandum of Agreement to evacuate the FamCamp is required during the initial check-in date. During an evacuation, any personal items left in the evacuation zone are subject to damage or destruction and are not the responsibility of the 30 FSS, the Air Force, or any other federal agency to include contractors performing duties for the federal government.

Pre-Stay Information

  • General Rules & Regulations

    Facilities and Grounds

    • Facility use is reserved for FamCamp patrons only
    • Pets are not allowed inside any FamCamp building
    • Cooking, eating, and sleeping are not permitted in lounge areas
    • Smoking is not allowed in or near entrances to any FamCamp building
    • Lounge hours are from 0700-2200 daily
    • Quiet hours are from 2200-0700
    • Viewing inappropriate images, sounds, or videos while in the lounge areas can result in loss of privileges and possibly removal from the FamCamp
    • Vehicle/RV washing or maintenance is not permitted anywhere on the FamCamp grounds
    • Dispose of trash and recycles in designated areas- do not use personal outside garbage cans as this attracts rodents and other wild animals
    • Helmets must be worn at all times when riding bikes, skates, skateboards, etc.
    • Storage containers/units are not authorized in the FamCamp, unless it is temporary and fits under the motor home, camping trailer, or vehicle
    • No fires, except in tent-area fire pits
    • Check out time is 1100

    Pull Through/Back In Spaces

    • POVs parked in front or behind RVs must fit totally within the space and will not block the street 
    • POVs that will not fit in the areas in front of or behind the RV will be parked in designated areas
    • No parking is allowed in empty spaces at any time
    • Car haulers, storage trailers, sports/ATV trailers may be parked in the overflow area parking areas
      • For stays over two weeks, all car haulers, storage trailers, sports/ATV trailers must be parked for a fee in Outdoor Recreation’s long term storage lot
    • Tents are not allowed in any of the pull through or back in sites 
    • Propane and charcoal grills can be used for cooking use only
    • No wood-burning, except inside the approved tent area fire pits

    Back In Spaces only

    • POVs may be parked in front of RVs as long as it does not obstruct, or interfere with through traffic or emergency vehicles
    • Back in spaces 31-49 may park in the empty space next to their space as those sites are every other space
  • Cleanliness & Safety

    In order to keep the Vandenberg SFB FamCamp free and clear of unsightly and unsafe sites, we are reminding patrons of our cleanliness and safety policies:

    • Sites must be free of all trash, trash containers, and trash bags
    • Trash must be disposed of in one of the three designated trash areas
    • Storage containers/units are not authorized in the FamCamp unless it is temporary and fits under the motor home, trailer, or vehicle—No bags of any kind are to be used as storage containers
    • Pet waste must be cleaned up and disposed of immediately in sealed trash receptacles
    • All property must stay within your site and may not overflow into other sites even if unoccupied
    • Your site must remain clean and tidy for the duration of your stay
    • Clutter and decorations must be kept to a minimum to ensure safe grounds maintenance and to keep the facility aesthetically pleasing
    • No vehicle or RV/trailer washing of any kind
    • No vehicle maintenance of any kind. The base Auto Hobby shop is open on Saturdays from 0900-1700.
    • Do not feed wild animals or leave food accessible to wild animals
    • Patrons are to report any safety discrepancies to the staff or camp host
    • Campers must monitor the use of outdoor grills and fire department-approved enclosed fire pits; ensure no open fires, other than in fire rings provided in the tent area
    • Failure to follow the above rules will result in action up to and including loss of FamCamp privileges

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Bldg 5010, California Blvd,
Lompoc, CA 93437
Office: (805) 606-8579
After-Hours: (805)779-1319

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    0900 – 1700

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