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Love Children? Consider Becoming a Family Child Care Provider!

As the small group of children watched in wonderment, Desiree assisted the 3-year old… gently placing the large green leaf into the netted cage where caterpillars were living and growing. One of the girls in the group squealed with amazement when the black caterpillar took a BIG BITE of the fresh greenery. This is just a sample of what goes on at Desiree Scott-Torres' house, while the children's parents are at work.

"I love watching the children learn and grow. And, I get to stay at home with my daughter and watch her learn and grow, too." As one of VSFB's Family Child Care (FCC) providers, Scott-Torres is licensed to provide daycare in her home for up to six children, including her own. The FCC program is far from a simple babysitting service. An FCC provider basically owns their own business, sets their own hours, and helps children develop and learn by creating a caring and loving environment.

"Each week, I create a lesson-plan with a theme," she says. "Previously we studied 'The Five Senses.' This week we're studying the Life Cycle and are growing butterflies from our caterpillars." Lesson plans include group work and 1:1 individual time, just like preschool. As a Military Spouse, Scott- Torres is very pleased with her decision to become an FCC provider. "I'm helping to financially support my family, while doing what I love to do!" The Vandenberg SFB FCC Program is always seeking qualified individuals to provide superior quality childcare to military and civilians on base in support of the mission. If you are interested in learning more, please go to or call FCC Coordinator, Carola Murdock, at (805) 606-4639. 

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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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