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About the 30th
Force Support Squadron

Our Mission:

“Build, Develop, and Serve the Vandenberg community by cultivating morale and mission readiness.”

Our Vision:

“We carry the torch—lighting the way for others and ourselves to grow into our full and unique potential while creating meaningful relationships and connections.”

Want to make the most of your Vandenberg experience?

You’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find a great way to get connected with the Vandenberg Community & FSS.

Vandenberg is your best place to stay updated with base events and community involvement.

The 30th Force Support Squadron activities and services, available to anyone with access to Vandenberg Space Force Base. For more information, please contact the Vandenberg Marketing Department at (805) 606-0276.

Looking for official Vandenberg Space Force Base news, weather, and medical service information? Follow Vandenberg Space Force Base and Vandenberg Med Group on Facebook.

30th Force Support Squadron

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